Hi! I’m Remy, founder and CEO of Tha Credit Lady. I’m a MOMprenuer of four beautiful girls. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I now hustle in Las Vegas with my team by providing motivation involving Wellness, Inspiration and Finance.
I will help you build your self esteem and heal the total person from the inside out.

It Takes 21-30 to Create a Habit

We are past the half year mark, and yet have you asked yourselves, “What happened to my New Year’s resolution?”. A lot of people are determined to lose some weight when the new year comes, but find themselves eating away, and earning those pounds back when April comes. Guilty? A lot of people start out […]

What’s in Your Iaso Tea?

Ever wonder what health benefits you can get from your Iaso Tea? Well, it all boils down to the herbal ingredients that makes up the concoction. I was genuinely curious as to what goes in my drink, and down to my system. These ingredients can be made into a tea individually, yet all of them […]

What Exactly Affects Your Credit Score?

It’s familiar to us that we need a good Credit Score due to a lot of reasons. But what exactly affects our Credit Score? Learning what compromises our Credit Score is a step ahead towards a more convenient lifestyle. Curious now? There are EXACTLY 5 factors that affect your credit score. When I say exactly, […]

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